By: Black Pepper

The condition of Brittney Griner’s interior life and support of her global citizens and teammates, fired by the grace of God, will ultimately determine her freedom.

She comes from a powerful family and a people darker than blue. Curtis Mayfield says that sisters of a lighter hue are the surface of our dark deep well.

Dictator Vladimir Putin and her jailers have little understanding of the Pan African Black experience. They understand suffering, but not Black suffering. Our culture enables the winners among us to have the “sane” living in an “insane” world.

On the surface, it appears that the dictators are winning throughout the world. One of our allies, Washington Post reporter Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, who was from Saudi Arabia, was killed and dismembered after being abducted.

Putin and Russian intelligence poisons its opposition inside and outside the country.

Brittney’s miscarriage of justice started with a hemp extract and a vaping device. This medication eases the stress and pain caused by constant jumping and twisting of the athlete’s 6 feet, 8-inch frame.

And wouldn’t you know it, the billionaire owner of her Russian basketball team is a buddy of President Putin. Despite that, Brittney ends up getting a nine-year sentence in the racist and homophobic country.

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The empire is evil because 100,000 Ukrainian civilians have eaten Russian bombs, including mothers and unborn babies in maternity wards.

Donnie Hathaway asks my sister to, hang on tight as the world spins around and don’t let the spin get you down.”  Rev. Jesse Jackson says, Hope must stay alive.”

The penal colony, or penitentiary, that will house Brittney will not be like the low nourishment backbreaking labor camps. Her notoriety will be an asset to put a brake on the complete elimination of her basic human rights. Make no mistake about it, she is a pawn in the new cold war chess game under the pretense of laughable illegality.

Brittney’s blues is the same blues that Louis Armstrong sang in, What did I do to be so black and blue?” The refrain is a chorus of the Black princess Nina Simone singing, I wish I knew how it felt to be free.” Maya Angelou captured the tortured soul of the Brittneys of the world when she penned, “I know why the caged bird sings.”

Brittney’s blues also have spirituals as a companion, which together, are too much for absurdity and meaninglessness.

Brittney, remember your powerful family and continue to sing. Blend the contradictions into a resolution and you will survive.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….

“Nobody knows my sorrow….

“Nobody knows the trouble that I have seen….


Facing absurdity at Christmas time, living between the tension between life and death, Brittney’s ancestors sang “Deep River” as they thought of the miscarriage of justice meted out to Jesus Christ, the Hebrew children and hundreds of thousands toiling where they could not reap in the land of the free.

My home is over Jordan

I want to cross over into the campground

Brittney’s blues and spirit informs her that there is a deep place inside her that cannot be defiled, polluted, or corrupted. Steal away to Jesus. Isabell Allende reminds all who have been captives to “steal away” to the Big Island beneath the sea.

Deep River reminds Brittney and her tens of millions of supporters that diplomacy through President Joseph Biden might produce a prisoner exchange, but if not, DEEP RIVER says, “Our ship is on the ocean, and we will anchor by and by….”

If Brittney holds on, her life will never sink to the depths of her captives.