‘Blues and ‘spirituals’ for Brittney Griner

“Freedom is not something you get as a present. You can live in a dictatorship and be free – on one condition: that you fight the dictatorship. The man who thinks with is own mind and keeps it uncorrupted is free. The man who fights for what he thinks is right is free. But you can live in the most democratic country on earth, and if you’re lazy, obtuse, or servile within yourself, you’re not free. Even without any violent coercion, you’re a slave. You can’t beg your freedom from someone. You have to seize it – everyone as much as he can.” - Pietro Spina, “Bread and Wine” by Ignazio Silone.

Opinion: The ‘science’ of men and violence

The recent and senseless killing of Kirsnik Khari Ball, aka "Takeoff" of the rap group "Migos," has forced us to examine the science of why some men resort to violence to handle matters versus talking civilly. Is it in our DNA, or a learned behavior? We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of this young king gone too soon. RIP

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy through the lens of colonialism and Black lives

Elizabeth’s legacy isn’t necessarily complicated, but filled with enough ambiguity and action and inaction, that it might be easy to understand why people of color might view her different that the adoring throng mourning outside of Buckingham Palace. The longest-reigning British monarch’s history on race will forever exist as part of her legacy.