By: Natalie Greene

Alex Green-Jones

Joe and Katherine Jackson created the Jackson 5, Mathew and Tina Knowles created Destiny’s Child and Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind the Kardashian empire.

Whether your child has an abundance of talent or they need grooming, one thing is for sure, behind any child star is a dedicated parent, many whom have risked it all to help their young, talented tots, tweens and teens reach the pinnacles of success.

  Bayou Beat News caught up with Houston native Alex Green Jones, owner of Alex Green Media and “Momager,” who shared her story of helping her son, child influencer and Youtuber Stryker Jones, reach the top.

BB: Being a child star has its ups and downs, what made you want to place your son in the spotlight?

AGJ: My son has always been “Mr. Personality” and very charming and charismatic, but I originally started his social media to test my skills and see how fast I could grow his account. As a digital professional, I wanted something to show my clients to give them an idea of what I could do. I started when he was 3 years old and it just so happens that Stryker was really good at modeling and it became our hobby.

BB: How do you make sure that his career remains his choice?

AGJ: I don’t force him, and I make it a point to ask him constantly what he wants, even down to him keeping his hair long. In the beginning, he would get moody and some days he would want to shoot content and others he would not. He would ask me to take a picture of him if he thought he looked nice or he was doing something fun but other times he would say “no, stop taking my picture” and I would stop. I embraced the fact that he was owning his emotions and setting his boundaries.

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BB: What made you switch from social media to YouTube and music?

AGJ: When he turned 4, he started watching “Ninja Kids” and “Super Hero Kids” on YouTube and that’s when he asked me to start his YouTube channel. I would hear him making up tunes or repeating words and I started to listen to what he saying, and noticed that he was making songs. This started when he was about four. I started writing down the stuff he would say and his music career started from there.

BB: What has been your secret to success? Do you think it’s because he is so talented?

AGJ: I am in no way in denial about my child. LOL!  I’m not one of those crazy parents who believes their child is perfect. I know he is not the most talented child out there, but he is dedicated and a hard worker. I see this as more of an opportunity to teach him how to make money starting right now at his age. He has an EIN, and a bank account that I’m using to set him up for his future.

BB: So he has multiple streams of income at 5 years old?

AGJ: Of course. He has a Poshmark store where we resale all of his clothes, his music is on all streaming platforms, and he has an Amazon review account where he makes money when people purchase toys through his link. He also does paid partnerships with toy companies and clothing companies to do toy reviews and clothing videos.

BB: Would you say that a parent has to have a lot of money to get their kid to the next level?

AGJ: I have put a lot of money into his career but I look at it as if it was a sport or any other hobby. You have to pay to play. I have had agencies hit me up and ask for us to pay them for certain classes or management and I turned them down. If they want to work with us, they will pay us and get 15%, which is standard. I would tell any parent that if this is what your child wants, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, make sure you educate yourself and research opportunities in your area.

BB: What’s next for Stryker?

AGJ: We just finished promoting his Halloween song and video “Corn Teeth,” which has over 33K views on YouTube and we are gearing up for his Christmas single release titled “Giver,”which is set to drop on Dec. 16. Also, he will be releasing “Girl, Girl” on Valentine’s Day. There may possibly be a children’s book coming as well, but I have my hands pretty full at the moment, so we will see.

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