One thing is for certain, that infamous Oscars slap delivered by Will Smith to Chris Rock at the Academy Awards is definitely not off everyone’s minds in 2023, at least not Eddie Murphy’s.

The legendary comedian, who helped pave the way for performers like Smith and Rock, mentioned Smith’s tasteless action during his acceptance speech for the Cecile B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes.


While Murphy was giving thanks to everyone, he gave a comical – but to the point – remark about the incident.

He did it “Murphy style” in a list of three pieces of advice to make it in the industry. He listed:

  1. Pay your taxes
  2. Mind your business
  3. Keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out your f****ing mouth!

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Well, it got many laughs – albeit some uncomfortable – out of the audience. The message is clear, Eddie might not be a fan of “Big Willie” smacking around comedians. But when asked about his comment after the show, he said he actually has not spoken to either men about the slap, and loves them both.


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