Serayah, the multidisciplinary singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and Hollywood starlet who has captured our gaze with her role as Tiana Brown on the television show Empire, is in the holiday spirit with her latest single, “Present For Me,” which is co-written by Jazzy Pha, Iren “IG” Golder and Caleb Ishman. 


This Christmas, Serayah doesn’t have much on her wish list other than gifting her significant other all of her love and admiration. With production by Hendrix Smoke and Mayhem, “Present For Me” threads the California singer’s vocal dexterity through a guitar-laden instrumental that’s punctuated by neo-soul sensibilities. And just like the gift that keeps on giving, Serayah’s crooning chops leave listeners wanting more.

On the new track, Serayah explains: “For starters, I love Christmas. I fell into this sexy trance at the studio, and this year is different – I’m calling out all the lovers.” 


“Present For Me” is the follow up to her love-tinged score, “Revenge,” released back in May.

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Whether Serayah is stirring up drama as a former stripper-turned-gospel-singer in the television series Kingdom Business, or winning over fans with her songwriting skills, she has all the tangibles required to thrive as an independent force – in the music world and entertainment. Not to mention, she’s gearing up for BMF’s second season, which is scheduled to air next year on Jan 6. 

From VH1’s holiday-themed movie, Hip Hop Family Christmas, to the sequel, Hip Hop Family Christmas Wedding, Serayah is well on her way to becoming a fixture of the holiday season. 

About Serayah: 

Serayah is best known for her breakout role of Tiana Brown on Fox’s iconic series, Empire, which had a six-season series run with the final season concluding in April 2020. Serayah is not only talented and beautiful as a television actress but also as an incredible music artist. Over the years, she has begun to flourish as a music artist, writing, and co-producing her songs and videos. In addition to being a television actress, she is now embarking on her journey as a lead actress in  several network premiere movies along with being an executive producer by creating different series. She is taking her talents from being only in front of the camera to now also behind the camera