Ambitious promises to HBCUs and Black students fighting for educational equity have been made under President Biden’s administration. Though there has been action to make these promises a reality, mounds of misinformation surrounding the topic have caused facts about these new policies to be misconstrued.

Pastor Jamal Bryant and an Associated Press report were few of many sources spouting misinformation such as the defunding of HBCUs from $45 billion to $2 billion. Even though the White House sent official statements correcting these misconceptions, the damage was already too great to be reversed.

“The President is committed to historic investments and support for HBCUs and he is honoring that commitment,” said HBCU graduate and Director of White House Office of Public Engagement. “Since January, the Biden-Harris Administration delivered an unprecedented $5.8 billion in HBCU funding. This is only the beginning. We will continue to partner with academic leaders and stakeholders to uplift these engines of opportunity for generations to come.”

The HBCU Capital Finance Debt Relief Act was also passed in late 2020. This $1.34 billion act is a debt relief program, which has been a great help for many 90s HBCU graduates.

Starting January 2021, the Biden Administration has invested $5.8 billion into HBCUs, including the American Rescue plan, which provide emergency grants during the pandemic, which affects students and school operations.