Are you ready to laugh your buns off? Well get ready, because Jamie Foxx has returned to the world of sitcoms, and it’s a family affair!

The Netflix comedy series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! premiered Wednesday, April 14. The sitcom features comedian and Academy award winner Jamie Foxx playing Brian Dixon, a successful cosmetics and lifestyle brand owner who becomes a single father to strong-willed Sasha Dixon (Kyla-Drew) after her mother’s death.

Foxx and Jim Patterson are creators of the comedy with Corrine Foxx, Jamie Foxx’s daughter, as one of the producers.

And OMG — David Alan Grier, Jamie Foxx’s former co-star in the trailblazing ’90s comedy series, In Living Color, also stars in the new series as “Pops.”

Just one look at the trailer and one can clearly see that Grier has not lost his comedic touch. HELLA FUNNY!

 In the New York Post, Corrine Foxx shares some of her intimate and embarrassing moments with her father, “When you look at these stories now, you can laugh. They’re hilarious when you’re in the moment and it’s happening to you and you’re a teenager and everything feels like the end of the world… it felt like the worst thing that could happen was him showing up at my soccer game in a tight leather jacket.”

With Corrine Foxx as executive producer, we can be sure the series will be loosely based on the real-life relationship between her and her father.

Jamie Foxx with daughter Corrine Foxx

As for the premise of the show, for the majority of Sasha’s life, she feels second to her father’s cosmetic business. When she moves in with Brian, he vows to change their strained relationship, often going to extreme measures to do so.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is rated TV-14. According to Decider: Stream It or Skip It, the comedy series has traditional ‘90s sitcom elements, specifically because of Jamie Foxx and Grier.