Are modern women starting to catch on?

This has been the question debated amongst ‘Black Twitter’ after a video of B. Simone went viral this past week.

B. Simone, a comedian and entrepreneur better known for her appearance on Nick Cannon’s show ‘Wild N’ Out,’ had a message for her female audience, specifically Black women.

Simone, 30, encouraged her followers to take on a new challenge in 2021 called “Manifesting Love Challenge.”

In the brief video, a makeup-free and casually dressed Simone stated, “We got  a list of all these things we want in a man…He gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty feet, he gotta be a family man, he gotta be financially stable, he gotta be rich, he gotta be successful.”

She went on to explain that modern women have these outlandish lists of expectations, when some of them are not even 50% of what they are asking for.

“And we’re not even half of the things on that list. He gotta be a family man. B*** you ain’t talked to yo mama in 6-months but you want him to be a ‘family man.’ He gotta be financially stable…your account is in the negative ma’am. He gotta have pretty teeth…you ain’t seen a dentist in 6-years, he gotta have a six pack and be in can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing,” she pointed out.

Social media blew up, with men and women sounding off and re-evaluating their own requirements in a partner.

Many men praised her and supported her message, including singer and actor Tyrese Gibson.

“Women are pissed? calling her a fraud? But why???? Dear @thebsimone I’m going to hire you as soon as I can…… Promise #RawTruthHurts,” he wrote in an Instagram comment.

However, many women chimed in accusing Simone of telling black women that they need to ‘lower their standards’ and also calling her a hypocrite considering her past antics.

Other women came to B. Simone’s defense, saying people are just mad at the “messenger,” not the “message.”

Simone wrapped up the video with a ‘solution’ for women to get exactly what they are asking for in a mate.

“This is what I challenge you to do so that we can manifest love all 2021. Make a list of that perfect dream man that you want in your mind. Then..make a list of the type of woman he would need by his side. You want him to be in shape you need to get to the gym.”

So ladies and gentlemen, was B. Simone wrong or too harsh? Or was she giving some realistic things that most of us should consider in the self-reflection stage?

Here is the video in case you missed it.

Credit: MAGTV