It’s a heartbreaking end to what seemed like a fairytale romance, as Jeannie Mai and Jeezy have officially filed for divorce, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This could mark the conclusion of a love story that captured the hearts of many fans.

Their story began to unfold in late 2018 when they first crossed paths on Mai’s former talk show “The Real.” Their relationship remained under wraps for a while, but they decided to take their romance public in 2019, delighting fans with their adorable outings and sweet Instagram posts.

Mai and Jeezy celebrated not only their love but also their respective careers and cultures. Their chemistry was undeniable, and it seemed they were meant to be. The pinnacle arrived when they exchanged vows in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2021, surrounded by family and friends.

Then in January 2022, the couple welcomed their daughter, Monaco, into the world. This was the first child for Mai and the third for Jeezy, who has a son – Jadarius Jenkins, 25, and a daughter Amra Nor Jenkins, 7 – from previous relationships.

However, as they say, not all stories have a happy ending. Jeezy and Mai have left fans in shock and disbelief with the recent news of their split.

Looking back at their relationship, it’s hard to ignore the poignant words Mai shared just a few weeks after they announced their engagement. In an emotional moment, she opened up about how Jeezy helped her learn to love herself again after her previous divorce.

“I would say that that personal time, for anyone that’s been divorced, you guys, if you have friends who’ve been divorced, it is one of the most traumatic things that can happen,” she said as her voice choked with tears. “You feel like you failed. You feel embarrassed for all the people that were there at your wedding. Then you get jaded! I remember telling you guys, I think I said I’m not getting married again. And I’m sure if you go back in episodes you’ll see times I made jokes about marriage. The thing I think that saved me is that I never gave up on love. I never gave up on love because it’s so omnipresent. It’s so healing that the only reason I recognize healthy love with Jay today is because I took that time to love myself.”

As the world watches the next chapters in their lives unfold, we can only hope that Jeezy and Mai find the happiness and love they deserve. Our thoughts are with them during this challenging time.