During its recent Regular Meeting, the Alief ISD Board approved a 2023-2024 compensation plan with pay raises of 3% of midpoint for eligible staff, with greater increases for specified pay grades within manual trades, clerical and instructional categories as indicated below.

“Teachers and staff are the foundation of the important work we do in Alief ISD,” said Alief ISD Board President Dr. Darlene Breaux. “As we looked at our financial priorities for the budget year, it was important to the Board that we honor the staff’s hard work and commitment to our students, and allocating funds for a raise was imperative to our continued success.”

This 3% increase of midpoint results in every teacher receiving an additional $2,000 per year. The starting salary for teachers will rise to $62,000.

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The district also made their lowest-paid employees a priority by designing a compensation plan that addressed market competitiveness and a more equitable pay structure. For non teacher-scale positions, the increase is calculated similarly: the raise percentage is applied to the midpoint of a scale, and then everyone in that scale receives the same dollar amount raise. The following non-teacher pay grades will receive an 8% of midpoint increase:

Food Service compensation will match the information above except that pay grades MT01-MT03 personnel who are scheduled to work 200 days or less will be restructured, increasing their pay grades to receive a minimum of an 11% of current midpoint increase. All other Food Service personnel increases will be 3% of midpoint.

Additional highlights of the compensation plan include:

● The salary placement schedules for those on the P1T (teacher), P1L (librarian), P1N (nurse), and P1O (other instructional) schedules are adjusted to increase salaries for some experience levels to ensure differentiation between each year of experience (only affects select years of experience).
● In addition to the permanent raise discussed above, the Board previously approved several one-time supplements. Eligible employees will receive one-time supplements for which they qualify per the chart below:

“The teachers and staff in Alief ISD are the hardest working group of educators I’ve ever had the honor of working alongside,” said Dr. Anthony Mays, Alief ISD Superintendent of Schools. “We remain committed to honoring their efforts to meet student needs, while continuing to be strong fiscal stewards for our taxpayers.”