A great morning routine makes getting out of bed more pleasant and sets the tone for a successful, happy day. Whether your Dad is a morning lark or a night owl, he will appreciate gifts that help him start his days on the right foot. With that in mind, here are three fun Father’s Day gift ideas to consider, all of which would also make great gifts for the newly-graduated:

  1. The perfect cup of coffee: Most people think they are satisfied with their morning cup of coffee, that is, until they try Nextmug, a smart, self-heating mug that keeps beverages warm (130 degrees F), hot (140 degrees F) or piping hot, (150 degrees F) depending on the setting selected. Lab testing has shown that liquid in a standard ceramic mug loses 52% of its heat over a two-hour period. Nextmug loses no heat over that same time frame, making it possible to savor coffee or tea for as long as it takes to drink it. If Dad has ever resorted to microwaving a forgotten morning brew, which can turn even the best drink bitter, or has simply slugged it down tepid, he will appreciate this sleek, ergonomic, easy-to-use mug. Plus, its optional spill-resistant lid means that Dad can take his cup of joe throughout his home or office, on the back deck, or wherever he would most enjoy it. Perfect for a dorm or first apartment, this makes a useful high school or college graduation gift as well. For more information, visit
  2. A closer shave: Help Dad say goodbye to nicks and patchy facial hair. Offering a close shave, even on a dense beard, Braun’s Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver features sensors that adjust power to beard density, and a precision switch to capture tricky hair. Because its built-in sonic technology yields a more efficient shave, and its docking station automatically charges and cleans the razor, you’ll be giving Dad the gift of more time for himself in the morning.
  3. Music and podcasts on-the-go: Add entertainment and motivation to Dad’s morning workouts with comfortable, durable headphones. Just be sure to consider his needs when selecting the right pair. Whereas bone conduction headphones offer the safety of being able to hear surrounding sounds, which is great for morning jogs and commutes, air conduction offers the best shock-free comfort. Finally in-ear style headphones can isolate outside noise when it’s desired, such as at the gym. The X9-pro, allows users to switch between these three modes. It’s also completely waterproof and Bluetooth-connected, so Dad can listen to his favorite jams and podcasts, even when swimming laps at the pool. And thanks to its 32G storage, he won’t get bored with his listening options.

This Father’s Day (and graduation season) put a smile on the face of your honoree by looking for gifts that help elevate morning routines.