The ATL has made its way to Houston for the holidays. An Atlanta rapper has taken philanthropy to new level, helping Houstonian kids get the best of the best for Christmas.

Tyson Jay Bolding, known more by his stage name “Money Man” bought out an entire City Gear retail store on Thursday Morning to distribute to Houston kids.

In an Instagram post, Money Man announced that a drive would be held at Bar 5015 on Christmas Day for children who need clothes and shoes.

In a video posted on Money Man’s Twitter page, a City Gear employee explains that the order was so large, it had to be broken down into increments because the cash register had trouble processing the large payment of $40,000.

The rapper is known for his cryptocurrency investments and according to Complex, he is the first artist to receive an artist advance payment through Bitcoin.

Now this is the southern unity we like to see! Check out Money Man’s latest album “Blockchain” available on all platforms.