The murder of rapper “BTB Savage” may serve as a cautionary tale that everything you do does not need to be shared online.

On March 30, Darrell Gentry, 26, was driving near Houston’s affluent River Oaks neighborhood this week when two masked assailants unleashed a hail of gunfire on his white Mercedes, killing him, according to Houston police.

The suspects fled the scene and remain at large.

It must be noted that a motive for the shooting is unknown, and no suspects have been identified, but social media “detectives” have shared their own theories on what possibly could have led to the rapper’s death.

Ironically, BTB Savage (Gentry) conducted a now-viral interview on popular podcast Vlad TV, in which he described killing an alleged intruder, and then just hours after sharing photos of the crime scene on his personal social media pages, he was murdered.

As shared in the interview, according to BTB Savage, a short while ago, he welcomed another rapper and his crew into his San Antonio apartment to discuss a collaboration. Savage said he was alone with one of the crew members when the man became aggressive and tried to rob him.

“So while we talking, he asks me bout my chain and what jeweler you go, and I’m telling him I dropped a bag on this one, and while I’m talking, I go down to look at my piece while he talking and I’m like ‘yeah this one’ looking down like that and that’s when he pulled on me and he like ‘oh yeah run that,'” said Savage.

Savage said after going back and forth with the armed man, a fight broke out, which led to the rapper’s girlfriend opening fire on the attempted robber, shooting him twice in the back.

The men continued wrestling, and when Savage’s girlfriend tried to shoot again, she missed the suspect and accidentally shot Savage in the elbow, causing his arm to break, Savage said.

The injured suspect continued to fight with Savage until his loss of blood began to cause him to weaken. It is then that, according to Savage, the suspect asked for mercy but Savage’s only focus was on the safety of his son.

The rapper eventually was able to leave the apartment with his son and girlfriend and sought medical attention at a nearby hospital.

The suspect was left to die.

According to a social media post by Savage’s friend, Georgia rapper Juney Knotzz, the situation continued to bother the rapper and had him conflicted about sharing his story.

“We tried to tell him to just take the win and don’t post about it or do the blog shit but he felt if they woulda took his chain that night they woulda been on IG flexing it so he gotta get on IG and flex the body. I was behind the scenes trying to tell him that ain’t the way it go but he wanted to get the story out his way but some stories ain’t meant to be told,” said Knotzz.

Savage ignored the advice of his friends and posted a photo of the crime scene to his thousands of followers. A few hours later, the rapper was gunned down.

Again, police have not identified any suspects but social media users have already let their theories fly.

See below what they had to say.

With the recent death of so many rappers, it’s sad to see that one man lost his life while allegedly trying to commit a crime and the other lost his life after reportedly trying to protect his family.

What is also disturbing is that Houston, which was once lovingly known as a Third Coast rap mecca for “slow sipping” and “big pimpin” will forever be tied to the deaths of Takeoff, Benny the Butcher, Snootie Wild, Lotta Cash Desoto and now, BTB Savage, among others.

H-Town’s “Clutch City” is now starting to be called “Snake City,” on social media, and that is not fair.

Our condolences go out to all of the people who have lost their loved ones and we continue to pray for healing in our city.