By: Black Pepper

Will Brittney Griner help change history or ride into the sunset? They took her liberty, but did they take her freedom?

Griner was in the mouth of the lion and good sense instructed her not to complain about King Lion’s bad breath. She had the strength to cooperate and go along, until diplomacy could work.

Griner was a star with the richest NBA team, the Phoenix Mercury, but she was still paid less than $100,000 per year. Neither was she the highest paid star or the best player on the team. The paltry pay was barely enough to break even in Phoenix or Houston as inflation is, indeed, a cruel tax. Rising prices on eggs, butter, rent and petrol mandate that you live well within or under your means.

Professional players, men and women, are sometimes driven to seek pay outside the country in order to live like the ruling classes. Seeking to increase income, rather than decrease costs, they playing internationally in places with different social systems. Some social systems are kind, and some are unforgivingly cruel.

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Brittney chose to work for a billionaire whose buddy was a dictator with a penchant for wiping out his enemies. The President, rather “king” of the country of Russia is proud of the totalitarian system whereby his citizens are forbidden to flourish with any measure of liberty or democratic participation.

Brittney, perhaps a sage has convinced you that your jail time had little or nothing to do with vaping cartridges or cannabis medicinal extracts.

President Vladimir Putin had cut his chops in the Russian intelligence- the KGB, which was the equivalent of the USA Central Intelligence Agency. These agencies are the masters of covert, that is, sleight of hand interventions. They are masters of turning the unschooled into useful idiots.

In Russia, when the leader of the opposition party gains acceptance by the masses, the tendency is to liquidate that person. Navalny, an opposition leader, whispered on a plane, “I am dying, I have been poisoned.” Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko and multiple British citizens have been poisoned by nerve agents ten thousand times more deadly than cobra venom.

Why mention elimination of the opposition? For a prisoner exchange to occur, certain conditions must be met.

  1. Whenever possible, get a high value prisoner in the exchange. The Russian merchant of death in Griner’s exchange was responsible for fueling a war in Africa with arms that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Certainly, an asymmetric-unequal exchange.
  2. There must be an agreement that will not inhibit future prisoner swaps. Paul Whelan, sentenced to 15 years in Russia, needs to come home. To her credit, Brittney did call for his release.
  3. Leave the diplomacy to the professionals. Do not go on a victory tour and savage the Russian government for there are bigger fish to fry.
  4. If you become a crusader, religious or non-religious, there is a cost to pay. Outside of the USA, your protections radically diminish.  Griner, please know that the king of Russia and his minions will come after you anywhere in the world with deadly force if you go on the offense regarding their inhumanity.

This means that if your hair locks were frozen, for now, let it be.

If you were fed a low calorie inadequate Russian penal colony diet, for now, let it be.

Brittney, you control your own destiny. Life is full of exams and lessons. One lesson here is that the most important work that you will ever do is with your family. After a short basketball career, rich, broke or struggling, you are still going to be Brittney Griner. Straight outta the hood, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.


“They have separated me from my family, deprived me of touching my young boy. They have hidden the sun, moon and stars from my view, exchanged their concrete and steel for earth and flowers and everything warm and soft.

“The wind through my hair is replaced by their rules in my ears.

“All tiers are forbidden on the tier. The strength in my muscles is bound by chains and shackles.

“They have tried to negate my existence and almost succeeded.

“They have left me with nothing, nothing except an inner core, a secret, private place they have not found how to get to.” – San Quentin prisoner after 5 years in solitary)

Brittany, every dog has its day. You have been a good dog and had two. (Bluesman Buddy Guy)