Minority Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the first Black leader of either major US political party, drew cheers and sneers as he made his first official speech as the new highest-ranking Democrat in the chamber.

In his inspiring 15-minute address to the 118th Congress, Jeffries first paid tribute to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), assuring that his party would still work to “extend our hand of partnership” across the aisle.

He then seemed to channel the legendary Rev. Jesse Jackson, as he did the ABCs of Democracy before turning over the gavel to Kevin McCarthy  (R-Calif.), who finally became the newly elected Speaker of the House after a historic 15 rounds of intense voting.

Check out the epic speech:

“We will never compromise our principles. House Democrats will always put:

American values over autocracy

Benevolence over bigotry

Constitution over the cult

Democracy over demagogues.

Economic opportunity over extremism

Freedom over fascism

Governing over gaslighting

Hopefulness over hatred

Inclusion over isolation

Justice over judicial overreach

Knowledge over kangaroo courts

Liberty over limitation

Maturity over Mar-a-Lago

Normalcy over negativity

Opportunity over obstruction

People over politics

Quality of life issues over QAnon

Reason over racism

Substance over slander

Triumph over tyranny

Understanding over ugliness

Voting rights over voter suppression

Working families over the well connected

Xenia* over xenophobia

Yes, we can over you can’t do it


Zealous representation over zero sum confrontation.”

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