Someone should be held accountable! During a time in which we both love social media and – on the flip side – curse the platforms its posted on – the double edged sword can be useful when attempting to piece together the who, what, when and why the hell some things have happened.

Such is the case with Shanquella Robinson, the beautiful 25-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina woman who went on a trip with a group of people who supposedly called themselves her friends, yet seemingly left her to die alone after allegedly being beaten by one or some of them.

At least that’s what cellphone video appears to show.

Shanquella was laid to rest Saturday, several weeks after dying one day after arriving for a “friends birthday getaway” trip to Cabo, San Lucas on Oct. 28.

That was the last night her mother, Salamondra Robinson, said she heard her child’s voice.

Shanquella was excited and happy, and told her mother they would be enjoying Mexican food.

Salamondra said she received calls from several of Shanquella’s friends the next day reporting that she died from alcohol poisoning.

The friends then returned to the United States, dropping her luggage off to her grieving mother, reportedly sat and ate at the woman’s table and told her various stories that just did not add up, according to Salamondra.

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Salamondra said the autopsy report further confirmed what she had been thinking all along. Her daughter did not die from any alcohol-related illness, but it was even worse. The 25-year-old successful young woman with an even brighter future ahead of her had a broken neck and a spinal chord injury.

Her father, Bernard Robinson, told TMZ that when her body arrived home, he saw a knot on her forehead, a swollen eye and a bruised lip.

So what happened to their baby girl?

Although no charges have been filed yet, videos surfacing on the internet shows a woman, identified by friends and family as Shanquella, being brutally beaten while naked by a woman, also identified by people who know them as one of the “friends” she was on the trip with.

Reports are coming out saying that there is another video showing that another young woman on the trip also beat Shanquella. In fact, reports claim that two or three of the friends took turns throwing blows on Shanquella, then left her to die.

Again, those claims have to be verified by authorities and no charges have been filed at this time.

There is another video that surfaced of one of the friends, the actual birthday boy at the center of the trip, claiming that he was not there when she was beaten, but said he remained by Shanquella’s side until Mexican emergency personnel arrived, but his claims are not adding up, either, to the droves of social media users who have been sounding off on the case.

There is another video that surfaced showing a happy Shanquella roaming through the rooms at the vacation resort, giddy and asking her other friends why they weren’t naked yet, as it appeared she thought they were all going skinny dipping, according to the various reports.

That video was recorded before the attack began, which could explain why she was naked in the video.


Who will be held accountable for her death?

Social media users have already decided in the court of public opinion that Shanquella died due to the “friends beating” she received. They definitely feel those people should be investigated, and possibly jailed.

Then there are the people who stood by and recorded the beating – not intervening – with even one of the men in the room asking, “Quella, can you at least fight back,” to which she replied “no.” Social media users feel he should also face some sort of charges for standing idly by and watching (and recording) the assault.

Shanquella’s homegoing services were fit for a queen, with her pink casket arriving to the church by horse-drawn carriage and colorful decorations and photo tributes overtaking the sanctuary, however, for the young woman “gone too soon,” she should be alive today, and not at her final resting place.


We know that God has the final word and he has undoubtedly welcomed Shanquella into his Kingdom of Heaven and, knowing God, the people who harmed her will face justice – no matter how long it takes.

RIP Shanquella Robinson, and young people, please think twice of whom you call your “friends.”

The FBI is reportedly launching an investigation.