Are “grown folks” still doing this in this day and age? Apparently so! Rapper Cuban Doll and Kayla B, who is the sister of slain rapper King Von, has Twitter going crazy after a recent fight video was released.

We’re almost embarrassed to post this kind of foolishness, but if someone can learn something from it, here you go…..

Let’s play catch up!

Cuban Doll and Kayla have been going back and forth on Twitter since last November after an altercation at a night club.

During the fight, Asian Doll and her entourage were pepper sprayed by Cuban, and the home girl Kayla vowed to get revenge.

For those who aren’t aware, Asian Doll dated King Von.

Things finally came to a head on Wednesday, after Kayla and Cuban exchanged words for hours over Twitter, and finally decided to meet up and fight.

After footage of the fight was posted on social media, Cuban deleted her Twitter page.

What can we say… Just sum it up to another day in hip-hop!