It’s no secret that Houston Rockets veteran James Harden has let himself go a bit, but fat shaming is never okay.

During a recent game, an announcer jabbed at the star, commenting that he had a pregame meal.

“Just want to talk about some aesthetics, James Harden definitely had a pregame meal,” the announcer said.

Fans were quick to come to Harden’s defense at first, but the tables flipped quickly and the horde of vicious memes were unleashed.

But not everyone was so easily convinced that it was a clear case of the munchies.

Die-hard sports fans believe that Harden strategically gained weight to get himself released from his contract.

It’s no secret that Harden wants out, but would he go so far as to pack on the pounds to get a chance at a new team?

Many say heck yeah!

What do you think? Is Harden’s weight gain a simple effect of the COVID-19 quarantine or something more?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below.