By: D. Thea Aldridge

During the early morning walks and exercise, I find my greatest thoughts come to me as bursts of inspiration. This past Sunday morning was different, I heard the words – “The Great Awakening.”  As I pondered the thought, wondering exactly what I was being ‘awakened’ to, it dawned on me, I was being awakened to the best version of me! 

You see, for years I have been trying to understand my purpose: who am I, why am I here, what am I supposed to do. These and many other questions were there, but the busyness of life kept me somewhat of a holding pattern.  I enjoyed life in the moment, but when I was at home with myself, there was a level of unrest and sadness that surrounded me, and I just couldn’t shake it.

Enter 2020! 

This year started off with all the plans and great ideas that I could think of: travel, high-rise living, talk show, etc.  My vision board was full of to-dos and I was ready to ‘live my best life, not going back and forth with no ninjas.’ I had a theme and a plan, and then the world hit a hard pause with the ‘plandemic.’

I was now in unfamiliar territory; locked down, entertaining fear- driven thoughts, and unsure about what was next.  But somehow, what should have been unnerving was peaceful, what should have been scary became clarity, and what should have caused me to retreat fueled my advance.  Ideas and creativity were a dime a dozen, and my spark for life was arising in new ways.

Austin, Texas, here I come! With these new changes came the ‘NEW.’  I sold and gave away everything, loaded my car and moved to Hill Country.  Here is where I found what appears to be the ‘Me’ I searched so long and hard for before.  I feel alive, I feel renewed, and I feel on purpose.  I am AWAKENING.

There comes a time in every person’s life when they are shaken awake from their apathy and indifference to what really matters in this world.  Life has put our true selves to sleep in the pursuit of people, places and things that are considered the world’s system of success. But the more we sleep on our true purpose and destiny, the more our personal lives reflect turmoil, stress and dissatisfaction.  One’s ‘true-self’ is where all power and purpose lie, the light that illuminates the world in a way that cannot be denied.  I sense that just as I am experiencing my awakening, there is a “Great Awakening” happening around the globe.  Civil unrest, natural disasters and a global pandemic are shaking and waking sleeping giants all over the world. 

The Great Awakening is happening now.  Get ready for your REBIRTH. Get ready to meet the best version of you! Do you perceive it? Do you feel the stirring to take action that is so big it scares you? Then that’s it, you are opening your eyes to your full God-given potential.  The unlimited source of wisdom, power and resources is opening your imagination, your ‘eye’ to YOU. The great big you who will soon fully ‘Awaken’ to the brilliant light of a life — lived in purpose and power. Welcome to the BEST DAYS of your life!