Talk about a party crasher! A black bear was definitely an unwelcome guest as it crashed a 2-year-old’s birthday party in Connecticut. It has been reported that, the kids and adult guests were enjoying the backyard celebration when the bear appeared from between the bushes and snipped at one of the adult attendees.

The woman quickly got out of the way and the kids were whisked inside the house.

Thankfully, the bear had no intentions of harming anyone, he had a table full of delights that were on his immediate radar. The uninvited intruder helped himself to all of the tasty cupcakes on the table and, after he was finished, he moved right along.


As for the kids, I am sure it is something that none of them will ever forget, especially since cellphone video – taken a safe distance away – captured the bear chomping down on all the treats.

And you know what, he didn’t even leave a gift. HOW RUDE!

But all jokes aside, this shows how dangerously close humans and wildlife have become with us erecting more and more homes in their natural habitats.

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