Here is a huge example of how REPRESENTATION MATTERS, and an even larger example of how “the souls of Black folk” will not be moved and will ride with their own – while bringing out the humor.

The trailer for Disney’s live-action “The Little Mermaid,” starring Halle Bailey, an African American singer under Beyonce’s label, was unveiled earlier this month at Disney’s D23 expo.

After it was released, heaven and hell seemingly broke loose across the internet over the new “Black Ariel.”

When it comes to heaven, reactions posted online of adoring Black children watching the film showed the importance of our children seeing people or images they can relate to in major features.

And on the “hellish” flipside, backlash from some non-Blacks reignited racist criticism which came out after Bailey was initially selected for the iconic role.

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When selecting the lead character, it was not about race, it was about talent.

The movie’s director, Rob Marshall, said after conducting an extensive search that it was “abundantly clear” that Bailey was the perfect choice.

The hashtag, #NotMyAriel, which trended in 2019, tried to make a comeback, but the support reigned supreme over the foolishness. In true “the internet strikes again” comedic fashion, Black Twitter posted some of the funniest memes and graphics of popular movie and cartoon characters that could have had different leads. Check these out!