By D. Thea Aldridge

Kim, I believe she would say, “I apologize… I apologize because his behavior comes from his HIS-STORY with me.. I recognize all of his moves… Please tell that boy that I said to stop jumping out them bushes, ‘It is NOT CUTE SON.’”

“Well, You, see I had to go through some things in front of him that has shaped him this way… Please forgive me… For being too proud and so caught up in the HYPE of things that I did not get him the REAL help he needed… Lord knows that child only listened to me…

“Thank you Kim… For trying your absolute best… Giving him EVERY SINGLE THING YOU COULD BUT YOUR SOUL… You DID IT… Now, live YOUR life… NOT the life other people expect of you… The LIFE you were DESTINED to live… Fighting for JUSTICE, doing the RIGHT thing— YOUR way!  Like one of your FAVORITE movies:  Legally Blonde…  Your style, your flare, YOUR WIN!.. You deserve it… I Love YOU!

“Don’t Worry Kanye gone be okay, Momma right here with him… Laughing at this shitllll”