In her interview with Women’s Health this week, actress Taraji P. Henson revealed her stomach cancer scare that turned her health around.

Henson shared that she suffered from chronic stomach issues causing uncontrollable vomiting and discomfort. Her stomach issues caused her to have an intense vomiting fit while filming The Best of Enemies in Macon, Georgia. Henson was so dehydrated and weak, she had to lie on the floor of her hotel room.

To conceal her identity and not draw attention, Henson’s assistant and security rushed her out of the hotel in a luggage rack while covering her with a blanket.

They then drove her to a hospital where she discovered shocking news.

“He said, ‘If you don’t correct what’s going on inside of you, you’re going to develop stomach ulcers, which can lead to stomach cancer,’’ she recalled to Women’s Health.

Henson was already taking an acid reflux medication to treat her symptoms, but the medication the doctor in Georgia prescribed only made her issues worse.

Henson’s assistant put her in touch with a holistic doctor that she swears saved her life.

Using a noninvasive breath test, the holistic doctor diagnosed Henson with SIBO which is when an overgrowth of bacteria floods into the small intestine. According to Healthline, SIBO can lead to constipation, indigestion, and painful stomach cramping.

“Western medicine saves lives,” said Taraji. “But it wasn’t helping in my situation.” The “Peace of Mind” host was ordered to follow a strict plant-based diet filled with lots of papayas, avocado, and fermented vegetables to help balance her healthy gut flora.

The NAACP Award recipient also developed an intense workout routine. She shared that her favorite exercises are “anything to do with the butt.”

In September, Henson and celebrity trainer Mike T developed a 30-day fitness challenge to help inspire her fans and followers to get back in shape after lockdown.


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We’re glad Henson’s health turned around for the better and hopefully she continues to inspire others to do the same!