Now how many of you remember this song from the 90’s? “I’m single are you single..yeah yeah..and I like to mingle!” Well, if you are among the single population in Houston, we’ve got some NOT SO GOOD news for you!

Houston ranked the 6th worst city for dating in a survey conducted by real estate research company Clever.

So why did we rank so poorly?

Well, the top 10 worst cities stood out for their lack of affordability and limited options for restaurants and date activities based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census, Yelp, and the Black Tux.

And, according to Clever, the average date costs nearly $110 in Houston, 47 percent of residents are not married, and the city has an average star rating of 4.3 in 64 “date” restaurants.

We don’t know, you guys, Houston REALLY DOES have a diverse list of options for fine dining and places to go… you just gotta’ get out there. Visit our restaurants, parks or find a cool spot to have a picnic. Run free!


The survey ranks Austin among the top 10 best, primarily for their wide variety of arts and entertainment venues per 100,000 attendees.

And for the drumroll, New Orleans was crowned THE best city for singles by Clever, mainly for the nightlife and the city’s other diverse options –from nature walks to midnight burlesque.

Even though we totally DISAGREE with what they said about H-TOWN, we DO AGREE WITH NEW ORLEANS… that is ONE ROMANTIC CITY YALL! A night in NOLA with the right person can have a sistah feeling like Meryl Streep when Clint Eastwood took the bored housewife out for a hot night out on the town in the movie, “The Bridges of Madison County.” I may be telling my age a bit here but I’m just saying. And when it comes to dating, I’m still enjoying my Houston night life – “check please!”