By: Stacy M. Brown, NNPA

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish official in the U.S., has delivered a scathing critique of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for new elections in Israel amidst ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Speaking from the Senate floor, Schumer emphasized that Netanyahu’s leadership no longer serves Israel’s best interests. “The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel after Oct. 7,” Schumer proclaimed in a scathing takedown of Israel’s leader.

Schumer’s declaration marks a significant departure from traditional U.S. support for Israel’s government and highlights a pivotal moment in American Israeli relations.

As the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in U.S. history, Schumer’s call for Netanyahu’s ouster carries substantial weight, signaling a notable shift in the Democratic Party’s stance toward Israeli politics.

“The world has changed — radically — since then, and the Israeli people are being stifled right now by a governing vision that is stuck in the past,” Schumer declared as he noted the urgency for change in Israel’s leadership.

Accusing Netanyahu of prioritizing his political survival over Israel’s best interests, Schumer condemned the Prime Minister’s alignment with “far-right extremists” within his government, warning that such alliances risk isolating Israel on the global stage.

“Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah,” Schumer demanded, stressing the need for Israel to recalibrate its approach to the conflict with Hamas and prioritize the protection of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Schumer voiced support for a temporary cease-fire, echoing President Joe Biden’s efforts to alleviate suffering in the region. However, he cautioned against a permanent cease-fire, citing concerns that it could encourage Hamas to launch further attacks on Israeli civilians.

“There can never be a two-state solution if Hamas has any significant power,” Schumer emphasized while reiterating the importance of safeguarding Israel’s security.

Political watchers noted that Schumer’s bold stance underscores the complex dynamics at play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and marks a pivotal moment in U.S. foreign policy as American lawmakers grapple with how best to support Israel while advocating for the rights of Palestinians.