The family of Shanquella Robinson and attorney Sue-Ann Robinson held a press conference Wednesday after U.S. officials announced they will not file federal criminal charges in Robinson’s death.

United States Attorneys Sandra J. Hairston and Dena J. King United States Attorneys’ Offices for the Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina released a statement to the public to assure the public that they extensively reviewed the evidence and will not be pressing charges at this time.

“As a matter of policy, federal officials generally do not issue public statements concerning the status of an investigation. However, given the circumstances of Ms. Robinson’s death and the public concern surrounding this investigation, it is important to reassure the public that experienced federal agents and seasoned prosecutors extensively reviewed the available evidence and have concluded that federal charges cannot be pursued. As in any case, the government is prepared to review and examine new information related to the investigation should it become available,” the statement read.


Shanquella made national headlines in October, after a video surfaced of her allegedly being attacked by friends during a vacation trip to Cabo San Lucas. The parents of the 25-year-old North Carolina native were originally told that she died of alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy report revealed that she died from a broken neck and spinal chord injury.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson told reporters that the friends left Shanquella’s body in Mexico and returned to the United States, dropping her luggage off before sharing a meal at her dinner table.

Robinson’s family has continued to keep her name in the spotlight through social media campaigns and the public interest surrounding the so-called friends who allegedly beat the young woman to death.

The prosecutor’s decision is a huge blow to the family and supporters of Shanquella, who will now be left to await a ruling from the Mexican authorities.