A substitute teacher and a student have been charged with assault after engaging in a physical altercation that was posted online.

Xaviera Steele, 41, was working as a substitute teacher at Rocky Mount High School in North Carolina On April 17, when one of her students, 15-year-old Neveah Thompson, became upset after her phone was confiscated.

In a video that has gone viral online, you can see Thompson approach Mrs. Steele and become aggressive. When the substitute teacher denied her requests Thompson can be seen reaching for the phone and Mrs. Steele can be heard warning her. That’s when all hell broke loose.

The substitute teacher and the student wrestle to the ground as Steele punches Thompson and tries to get her to let go of her hair. Once Mrs. Steele got the upper hand she is seen holding Thompson on the floor and yelled for the other students to get another teacher to come and assist.

Social media has been torn with some saying Mrs. Steele should have been more patient and not hit Thompson while others are defending her actions and applauding her for standing up to another disrespectful teen.

Now, with most viral videos that are unflattering the people involved try to lay low and let the drama die down, but these folks are turning up for Facebook and the Gram.

Thompson has taken to social media to call out her so-called friends for not having her back and to dare anyone who has something to say to meet her outside.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, the teen wrote “The fact that nobody helped me is crazy, people just stood there and let that woman manhandle me… Yall supposed to be friends and barely anybody asked if I was okay. Yall laughing at this but it ain’t funny, but if anybody got shit to say about it we can get in the filed and that’s facts.”

Mrs. Steele shared her side of the story on Facebook and changed her profile following the backlash to Danielle Spencer, but her husband is an entire character and has been standing by his wifey. His Facebook profile identifies him as Deacon Derrick Steele and he is not afraid to give the people a piece of his mind.

In one comment he tells all of the women who assumed that his wife did not have on any undergarments that her cakes were covered in Victoria’s Secret and not Walmart bloomers.

“Man, I can’t believe so many women really think Wifey had no Panties on!!!!! I’m a Man and I know My Girls Wear different types of Panties!!!!!!These Women must not Wear Victoria Secrets, Lane Bryant’s, and that Silk Stuff…..they must wear them Cotton Walmart Bloomas!!!!!!Maybe Roses!!!!!!!!” he wrote.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Steele was released from her job and the company that she was contracted with issued a statement following the altercation, that read in part.

“Mrs. Steele is an employee of Kelly Services, which is a contracted vendor that provides substitutes for Nash County Public Schools, her eligibility to continue employment will be determined by the outcome of the pending investigation.”

The couple also shared that they have six kids and will be strapped financially now that the income from teaching will no longer be available. They are asking that supporters donate to their Go Fund Me page to help with their legal fees.

If you would like to support please follow the link in their social media pages that was tagged above and don’t forget to tell us what you think in our comment section.