Hulu has joined forces with Hip Hop icons Jermaine Dupri and Uncle Luke to release the never before seen footage of the 1994 Freaknik.

For the young folks who are not aware, Freaknik was held in the city of Atlanta throughout the 90s until 1998. The event was a huge party for Historically Black College and University students and young adults from all over the United States.

Freaknik has continued to grow in popularity in Black pop culture over the years due to the hairstyles, clothing, and music of the era, in addition to the wild sexual escapades of the attendees.

And that is what has Gen-Xers so shook.

These 40- and 50-somethings are terrified that their old footage will be leaked and their past sexual antics will be exposed.

Some of the documentary footage has already been released, causing backlash for participants including an officer who took some explicit pictures while on patrol during the festivities. According to the Daily Mail, Officer Thaddeus Lloyd may lose his job after a compromising photo of him and a woman went viral.

Women are also taking to social media to address their porn behavior and beg Hulu to pull the plug on the entire film.

While some are excited to see mainstream platforms showing interest, others see it as a way to criminalize the Black men in the documentary and dehumanize the women.

Much of the discourse surrounds the underlying problem of sexual assault and violence that ultimately led to Freaknik’s demise. Many women reported being touched inappropriately and having their clothes ripped off.

The documentary which is being called “Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told,” is slated for release in April 2024 to commemorate the 40th anniversary.

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