Joe Budden did not hold back his feelings for Michael B Jordan during a recent episode of his YouTube talk show.

Budden was speaking with his co-hosts about Jordan’s reaction to a red-carpet host at the Creed Movie Premier.

The host, Lore’l, has her own podcast called “Morning Hustle” is a former classmate of Jordan and discussed on her show how he was bullied in school and was called corny for carrying around his headshot.

Jordan caught wind of the comments and handed Lore’l her ass on the red carpet when the host began to interview him.” “We know each other, we go all the way back to Science in Newark,” she said before Jordan cut her off and said, “Oh yeah I was corny right.”

The interview went downhill from there and Lore’l was not able to recover which resulted in her laughing uncomfortably and trying to change the subject to no avail.

Now, this is where Mr. Budden enters the conversation.

Budden felt that Jordan was disrespectful to Lore’l and should have not blasted a black woman on such a large platform.

“You probably have never been more visible than you are right now in that second and that’s what you do to her,” said Budden. “If I bring back them white girl rumors then it’s going to sound even crazier. Cause why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet,” Budden continued. “Michael B Jordan that’s why n***** call you corny, that corny a*** sh*t you did is why n***** call you corny.

Jordan has fought off rumors that he only prefers white women since his rise to stardom and it has even been reported that his high-profile breakup with Lori Harvey was due to his white girl preferences.

Do you think Budden was wrong for blasting Jordan or was Jordan validated in clapping back at his high school bully?

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