Angela Bassett did not seem happy for Jamie Lee Curtis when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, for the superhero comedy “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

Curtis and Bassett were both nominated for the same category, alongside Hong Chau, Stephanie Hsu, and Kerry Condon. All of the fellow nominees seemed elated for Curtis as her name was called. Each of the ladies clapped and stood in admiration, except for Bassett.

When Curtis’ name was called, the camera panned over to Bassett, who was nominated for the Marvel film “Wakanda Forever,” but the actress remained in her seat and did not clap or smile.

This was the first Oscar nomination and win for Curtis, but Bassett was nominated in 1993 for Tina Turner’s biopic, “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”

Many felt that Angela was snubbed in 93′ and would be given this Oscar as retribution, similar to what the Academy did to Whoopi Goldberg when she was snubbed for “The Color Purple” but was given the Oscar for her role in the movie Ghost.

Bassett’s disappointment was so noticeable that Creed III actors Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors gave her a nod of support during their presentation, saying, ” We love you auntie.” as they looked over to her as they reached the podium.

Despite the fact that comic adaptation films are never nominated and are rarely seen as Oscar-worthy films, fans still felt that Bassett deserved the award.

And some movie fans felt that if Bassett didn’t win, the Oscar should have gone to Stephanie Hsu, another person of color.

Curtis and Bassett are both vets who have had successful careers in the film industry, and should both have received Oscars by now.

Congrats to Curtis on her win and hopefully Bassett wasn’t too salty to enjoy the Oscar afterparties.

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