Rapper and former “Love And Hip Hop” star Tommie Lee and “Bad Girls Club” reality star Natalie Nunn just had what some are calling the worst reality television fight of all time.

The two ladies are currently shooting the third season of “Baddies West” for the Zeus Network and have been friends, up until their recent altercation.

What makes this story even more bizarre is that the two women have been promoting a friendly exhibition boxing match in London. Natalie originally posted that she had “no beef” with Tommie and that the fight was just fun and games, thanks to their mutual love of the sport. The women will serve as the undercard for a Floyd Mayweather fight on Pay-Per-View.

With the exhibition still underway, both women have taken to social media to share their sides of the story.

According to Tommie Lee, the ladies and a guy friend named Johnathan were in London at a Chris Brown concert. The group went backstage and was hanging out when Tommie saw Chris Brown’s son. Tommie said she complimented the child and that’s when the boy’s mother, Ammika Harris, slammed the door in her face. That’s when things went left, according to Tommie, who then started cursing at the baby’s mother, saying “f**** you and your baby and your baby daddy.”


Natalie’s accounts corroborate everything, up until the point in which Tommie says she left the venue upset and went to dinner. Natalie, however, alleges that once the door was slammed in Tommie’s face, she started banging on the door – drunk – and trying to fight everyone in sight. They even said that Tommie called Chris Brown, his baby, and his baby’s mother a bunch of albinos.  Natalie also suggested that Tommie caused Brown’s security to attack them and escort them off of the premises and Tommie walked off, leaving them to deal with the chaos.


The next day, both women were placed in what looked like a conference room where the film crew was setting up when Tommie can be seen on video smacking Natalie in the face, grabbing her hair, then pulling her down to the floor.

Natalie, who was clearly caught off guard, scrambles to her feet and lunges at Tommie,  who is initially held by security before she is shown grabbing a pair of knives and threatening Natalie.

With the viral fight and back-and-forth on social media, fans are starting to speculate that the brawl was staged hype to garner ticket sales for the Pay-Per-View event.

The ladies met again for a press conference to promote the fight, where Tommie apologized for her rude comments about Chris Brown’s son but things quickly went left again, with both women being escorted out by security.

Do you think the ladies are just building suspense for the fight or is this the real deal? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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