Poor Stephanie Mills! The legendary singer  was called everything but a child of God by Beyonce’s legion of fans, infamously known as the Beyhive.

Auntie Stephanie was living her best life a few days ago before having a sit-down with Vlad TV.

During the interview, the “Never Knew Love Like This Before” singer answered a seemingly simple question that led to major consequences.

Mills was asked if she thought Diana Ross was “the Beyonce before Beyonce,” to which she replied “No, I don’t think you can compare them, they are from two different generations.”

She went on to say that she saw Diana Ross as an “R&B or pop singer “and Beyonce more as “hip hop.”

What came next set the internet on fire.

Mills then added that she saw Diana Royce as royalty and the epitome of class and glamour, and although Beyonce is “somewhat” glamorous, she is still mostly “hip hop.”

Well, someone must have forgotten to let our favorite auntie know that she was just renting space on Beyonce’s internet and you will get dragged for filth at the sign of any treasonous behavior towards Queen Bey!

Not only did the Beyhive throw Mills in the hot seat, they pulled the “Ultimate Supreme,” Diana Ross, right into the flames with her.

Most of the Beyhive felt that Mills threw shade at Beyonce by relegating her to simply being a hip-hop artist when Beyonce has mostly ballads and pop hits in her musical catalogue.

Others felt that Mills was just downright disrespectful when she stated that Diana was classier than Beyonce.

One commenter wrote, “I love Stephanie Mills. She’s a legend. But, Beyoncé is every bit the POP ICON & LEGEND that Diana Ross is. It’s time we stop pushing the bar further away when it comes to Beyoncé. Beyoncé works her ass off just like the Motown legends did. Diana herself has said this about Bey.”

And another added, “I get Stephanie Mills being from a different generation and having a different perspective about Diana vs Bey but tbh how can you box Beyoncé into the category of being “hip hop” when she’s done so much in so many different genres of music?”

The comment section got downright nasty with the Beyhive telling Mills to be mad at her record deal and not Beyonce, and even going as far as to bring up Ross’ affair with Berry Gordy and how she could never be classy with five baby daddies.

In my opinion, I think Vlad was a horrible interviewer for even asking the question. Clearly, there is no need to compare Diana and Beyoncé because they are both legendary queens that have not only impacted the music industry, but also the world, whether it was solo or in their girl groups.

Nonetheless, Beyonce’s internet did not disappoint and in case you missed it, we have some of the highlights from the social media debate below.

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