The Houston Black Real Estate Association, HBREA, is presenting an overview of the State of Homeownership in Black America, S.H.I.B.A., the Houston Edition.

The event will be held Friday, Sept. 30, from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. at “The Power Center” located at 12401 S Post Oak Rd.

The community is invited to join HBREA, NAREB, TAREB and industry supporters and professionals as they take you through the journey and effect on Black homeownership during the pandemic, inflation, and a looming recession.

The purpose of S.H.I.B.A, the Houston edition, is to acknowledge and understand the challenges to Black homeownership in and around the Greater Houston area and to bring you to the table for solutions to overcome these barriers locally.

Get the History of S.H.I.B.A. and hear solutions to move the needle of Black homeownership, family wealth and community strength forward.

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This event is for anyone in the real estate industry, elected officials, community partners, service providers, non-profits that support homeownership, homeowners, or future homeowners.

The session will examine:

  • The numbers by facts that impact and impede Black families in Greater Houston from realizing the dream of homeownership.
  • Black homeownership patterns by age, gender, income, wealth, and geographic location.
  • Characteristics of the mortgage market and mortgage lending for Black borrowers in the Greater Houston area
  • View market and loan opportunities for expanding Black homeownership, including millennials and high-earning Black households in the Greater Houston area.

HBREA is the local boots on the ground organization, moving beyond the data to provide solutions. Registration is required due to limited seating: