Houston’s hip hop community and fans across the nation were shocked and saddened after legendary “Screwed Up Click” rapper ESG announced his cancer diagnosis last month. But in true “H-Town Strong” spirit, everyone rallied around the artist, whose real name is Cedric Hill, with words of support, well wishes and unlimited “prayers ups.”

In return, the “Swangin and Bangin'” freestyle king is showing that he is still swinging, hell bent on kicking cancer’s ass and getting back to normal.

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According to his latest posts on Facebook, he’s fighting through the tough times and has lost a lot of weight, and is now following doctor’s orders on much-needed rest until he returns to full strength. And by the looks of things, he’s going to do just that, because anyone who knows ESG’s story, knows that he is a true fighter.

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When it comes to his rest time, just like most guys, he is taking advantage of some gaming time.

“#MorningWorld #DoctorsOrders #Sityoassdowntilyouverecover #Ps5 waiting til new madden drop this weekend but if ya wanna play the king my online name ESG-SUCWorld,” his post read.

His other posts show the battles he’s endured.

“#Morningworld 2 months ago I had “4 tubes in my stomach & 4 gallons of vomit 🤮 “70 lbs lighter but I’m a warrior+gladiator +fighter Legendary freestyler & lyrical writer,stage igniter and the 24hr help from my Son & wife just make my days brighter🗣 #StillHere #Stillholdin #RecordSalesandStreamsRollin thanks #BigGod 🙏🏾🤞🏾🤘🏾🔩🆙👑,”

ESG #EverydaySlimGangsta still blessed I can finally eat real food again try a 30 day liquid diet you’d be skinny too 🙏🏾 The shake back gonna be epic especially when you make life changes that you thought you’d never give up so if you’re going through something just know #BigGod got ya have faith 🔩🆙👑

MorningWorld 🗣Get sick or down bad that’s when you find out who’s really in your corner ,real family but with that being sad Gods been slowly giving me my strength back to flood these streets with 3 new Albums that’s gonna have your going back to the booth because #HurricaneE has touched down #IwasBorn2Win #BeenSteppedOnTooLong #Underrated #Overlooked but I take full accountability of my past so the New & Better me can show my son how his daddy is in another class and creatively will bust a nigga ass “pause”with this music shit!!!The #SouthSideSargent #Southsidestillholdin #IndependentPlatinumParty coming soon Now make sure you got water,flashlights & generator #Nugggaz 🅱️🅰️🅾️🅾️🔩🆙👑☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️