For many students, dreams of college seem out of reach and, for those who make it, the financial costs can sometimes become overwhelming, distracting promising students from their studies. Thanks to another kind and generous donation from H-E-B, Sister 2 Sistah was able to help several young women in need. Here are the stories and expressions of gratitude from their last batch of recipients.

Thuy Anh Delila Dang, Beaumont native – The University of Texas at Austin

I am currently in my second year, majoring in Psychology (BSPsy). Coming from a very low-income family and receiving extremely limited funds from my parents, this scholarship has benefitted me immensely, alleviating the stress from my parents in making sure I can afford my education, and aiding in my path of success. I was able to join a sorority, Kappa Phi Lambda Inc., under the Texas Asian Panhellenic Council, increasing my leadership and service experience, while also connecting me with exceptional people. Through your support, I am able to have these opportunities and grow.

Nyarre Hudson, Beaumont native – Howard University

I am a senior Strategic, Legal, and Management Communications major/electronic studio minor.

With my major and minor, I would love to take my passions for law and representing the ideas of others to become a Corporate Counsel for a major corporation and later create my own firm that specializes in Intellectual Property work. I previously didn’t see any other options to success other than my education, so receiving this scholarship shines a light on my future, and helps me to further my academic and lifelong goals.

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Nevaeh Richardson, Houston native – Howard University

I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Graphic and Web Design. I am also involved in several organizations including design and social media management for the Reformed University Fellowship, Howard University Spotlight, Howard University Texas Club, and I also serve as a designer for HEART Magazine, a student-run art magazine.  Thank you for this opportunity and for helping me achieve my dream.

Arianna Cooper, Houston native –  Prairie View A&M College of Nursing

I am a Junior majoring in Nursing, and I hope to one day work at Texas Children’s Hospital as a neonatal nurse, eventually starting my own practice one day, offering the best medical care within our city and state. Your scholarship has opened that door.

I was able to purchase all my academic products that were needed for me to be successful in school. Donors like you make life brighter for us and I can only hope that one day, I too, will be in position to bring a smile to another student in need.

Kamryn Brown, Houston native – Blinn College

I am truly grateful for the financial help that you guys have given to me on my collegiate journey, majoring in Criminal Justice. This scholarship took me out the negative state of mind I had of thinking nobody was going to support me or maybe I was not cut out for college, but this financial assistance has shown me that I do have people who care and want to see me win.