Electrifying, energetic and ready for a takeover, Jimmy Bolt, is quickly proving to be the next big star reppin’ H-Town.

Born in the diverse city of Houston and raised in a musical family, Jimmy is a natural when it comes to creating and visualizing the feel to his music.

With his recent musical releases, he proves why the spotlight is on him as he makes a run for next up in Houston’s competitive rap scene. Coupled with a physique that includes a crazy workout each day, Jimmy has the music and look to back his growing fan base that’s spread from Houston and beyond.

“For one, I draw energy from life and my passion and love for music itself, so I always try to translate that love to the songs and to the records. Lightning bolts; that’s just that whole vibe, and it’s what fuels me to turn up as an artist,” he said. “But secondly, my family, my Pops, they are the ones that fully give me that energy to keep going. Truthfully, that’s why I have that ‘get up and go get it’ mentality every day. I stay ready. You never have to get ready if you always stay ready.”

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Jimmy is the son of power couple Erwin and Twiler Portis and, with his father now dearly departed, he and his mother are carrying on the family’s legacy as a team. The two launched Yellowland Records, and recently opened a recording studio in River Oaks.

Once again, it’s insane to think that Jimmy is just starting out because not only does he have the sound that will appeal to the masses, but it’s clear that he knows how to live like a “Yockstar.”

Jimmy has already locked in collaborations with Lil Keed and SSG Splurge, as well as co-signs from artists like Lil Baby, Gunna, and Trippie Redd, to name a few. It’s obvious that Jimmy Bolt has all the right equations to add up to mega fame and fortune.

 “We call our fans the Yang – not the gang – but Yang. It’s a whole fan club and the whole lit crowd of people that are always gonna tee-up and wear the merch and just catch the full vibe,” Jimmy said. “Get f***ing ready Yang, this is our year, we gonna drop this crazy sh*t and show y’all something that you never seen before. Real life yock star sh*t, on Yod.”