“Anything you want done, baby, I’ll do it naturally…. because I’m every woman. It’s all in me!” — Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston

When it comes to being a mother, mentor, and mogul in her own right, Twiler Portis is proving that being “every woman,” is not just a musical mantra, it’s a movement.

Portis is a millionaire networker whose very story has touched and transformed the lives of thousands. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her passion for business, has afforded her the unique opportunity to be diverse in her portfolio, including executive producing television shows, investing in business start-ups, and mentoring small businesses, resulting in thousands of families receiving healthy five-to-six figure incomes per month.

Twiler Portis, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, etc.

Continuing on the path to success navigated with her late husband, Erwin Portis, this business coach, speaker, and philanthropist is redefining what ‘generational wealth’ looks like for the Black family. Leading by example, she launched “Yellowland Records” with her son, music entertainer Jimmy Bolt, and together, they’ve opened an impressive recording studio in River Oaks, providing a safe place for creators to learn the music biz and work on their products.

Bayou Beat News caught up with Portis to talk about how she got where she is, what she’s doing to stay on top and how she is helping others live their best lives and, in Mr. Portis’ words, learn to “live full and die empty.”

BB: We see you’re born and bred in H-Town. What high school did you attend?

Portis: Worthing High School, where I participated in the band, track, cheerleading and was a member of the Honor Society.

BB: It appears you have a very strong work ethic, how old were you when you got your first job?

Portis: I was 17 when I got my first job through a summer program at Methodist Hospital.

BB: In your adult years, what was your primary job before becoming an entrepreneur?

Portis: Medicare/Medicaid coordinator for a group of anesthesiologists at Methodist Hospital.

BB: How difficult was it for you to decide to “trust the process” and go out on your own?

Portis: In the beginning it was hard until I started doing personal development. Listening to Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jeff Olsen, and Jim Rohn taught me to believe and take that leap of faith, trust the process and to get excited about it.

BB: There’s a big emphasis these days on creating “generational wealth.” Many people are saying it, without really UNDERSTANDING IT.

  1. How do YOU define generational wealth?

Portis: It’s practicing the principals that will allow you to leave a legacy for your family, being wise with your money, investing into insurance products and other income generating products, etc.

  • What are you doing to create it for your family?

Portis: We have investment properties and other products that are income generating.

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BB: Let’s talk about your projects. What has kept you busy?

Portis: Current projects

  • Podcast with Ebony Magazine – More Freedom Today (speaking of ways to earn wealth).
  • Speaking event with Total Life Changes (Gravity Tour Las Vegas)
  • Yellowland Records Internship program
  • Next up Event

Portis: Future projects

  1. Dream Weekend September 10 & 11 – a two-day workshop helping others manifest their dreams. (More information soon on
    1. Partnering with Random Act of Kindness to Pilot 10 schools and implement custom stores for kids that are underprivileged
    1. EW Portis Foundation Scholarship Dinner, March of 2023

BB: What project would you say is your “baby?” What is near and dear to your heart?

Portis: “Next Up,” which is a “mastermind” series of events offering “free game” to up and coming or existing entrepreneurs. I discovered that the younger or “next” generation had great ideas and excellent marketing skills, but sometimes lack those desired key or “back office” skills necessary to succeed in business and entrepreneurship areas.

BB: Philanthropy. What do you do to give back to the community?

  1. Mentorship to the younger generation
  2. Thanksgiving Meal Drive
  3. Annual Christmas Gift Giveaway at Worthing High School
  4. Back to school drive  

BB: For people wanting to launch their own business, what key three things should they take into consideration?

  1. What capital have you set a side to start your business?
  2. Do you have a business plan?
  3. Are you launching something you truly love?

BB: What do you say to anyone who has “a dollar and a dream?

Portis: There are ways to make your dreams come true. Love what you do, and someone will believe in you to help you make it a reality.

BB: As a mother, what is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson or message that you want to teach/ share with your son?

Portis: Always “better” your best. When you set YOURSELF on fire, others will come watch you burn. In other words, you are responsible for your own success. If it’s to be, it’s up to you!

Twiler Portis and son, artist Jimmy Bolt