By: Seperia Preston-Rawls

Just over the last decade, we have had many well-known public figures end their lives by suicide. Icons or notable figures like Naomi Judd (country singer), Robin Williams (actor), Don Cornelius (founder of Soul Train) and most recently, TV correspondent and Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, who leapt to her death from a New York building, and there are even more stories in news headlines daily where other men, women and children end their lives in various ways. Depression has no bounds, and since the beginning of the pandemic, thoughts of suicide among Americans have increased.

Every year, people take their own lives by either lethal means or non-violent means. Suicide has become a serious public health concern. Is suicide preventable? Yes.  It is possible with early detection, low-cost intervention and other treatments.

The stigma surround seeking intervention has led people to suffer in silence or self-medicate.

A study by Science Direct incorporated data from 54 studies and found that suicidal thinking and behavior has become more common during the pandemic than before it, particularly among young people and women.

Studies have also shown that rates of depression and anxiety — both of which are considered risk factors for suicide — were higher in 2021 versus 2020, particularly among people of color.

What is causing the increase in suicide amongst our youth? Could it simply be the perception that they see on social media platforms, not fully understanding that some people are really masquerading or living false lives just to get noticed on social media.

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I am here to help you live your authentic life.

Here are some more easy tips that can help you cope with your feelings:

1. Track gratitude and achievement with a journal and are personal notepads. Include things you were grateful for and reflect on small successes.

2. Start your day with decreasing distractions. Anything that affects your peace for 30 minutes is removed over a “good-for-you” drink like green tea or your favorite health drink of choice.

3. Set up a low-cost getaway in your hometown. There are a lot of free days in the community. Illuminate the mind with sunlight. The act of planning a small getaway in the community boosts your overall happiness and can make you feel special. It creates excitement in looking forward to something. Low cost or free.

4. Identify your strengths.  Write out short term goals and do something you’re good at to build self-confidence, this may decrease feelings of being stifled and it motivates self-care.

No one said you can be cured overnight – it starts with baby steps. Each day make a conscious decision to move, and reflect on the positive, as often as you can.

5. SEEK HELP. Find a licensed therapist who can help guide you along your path to becoming a “healthier” you.


Seperia Preston-Rawls has over 17 years of experience in the behavioral healthcare profession. Her vast array of experience includes crisis management, structure outpatient programs, correctional facilities, and private practice. She also has a broad range of clinical experience working with high risk adolescents, adults, families, and children. In additional to her multifaceted clinical background Seperia Preston-Rawls is certified as a cognitive behavior therapist with extensive training in childhood trauma clients. 

Her collaboration with Trauma Informed Care consultants, psychiatrist, and the Texas Department of Family Protective service has equipped her to conceptualize and develop comprehensive treatment plans and lead multifaceted treatment teams to address individuals’ unique needs.

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