Only the realest, die-hard DJ Screw fans know the significance of June 27, as it is the day that the most legendary freestyle tape was released.

On this day, in 1996, several of Houston’s hip hop finest, passed the mic for more than 35 minutes, making history on what is considered the best tape recorded out of the hundreds DJ Screw made during his career.

People often confuse “June 27” as the day commemorating DJ Screw’s birthday or death date, but no, the tape was created to honor the birthday of friend and fellow rapper, D-Mo, who also spit lyrics on the feature.

Other legendary H-Town including Big Moe, Big Pokey, Key-C, Yungstar, Bird, Haircut Joe and Kay-Luv lent verses to track sampling Kriss Kross’ “Da Streets Ain’t Right” and the city hasn’t been the same since.

Nothing more to say today, just listen on repeat. Happy June 27 H-Town.