By: Llana Luv

I met a woman on Facebook a few years ago. Like most FB situations, we went from accepting friend requests, liking and replying to each other’s posts to chatting in Messenger.

Our connection seemed like we had been friends for years. We had so much in common. After 2 months of talking on the phone, she invited me to a party that her and her husband were having at their house.

She said there were about five other couples that were going to show up and to not bring anyone because I was her “special guest.” Excited about taking a break from working so much, I arrived to the party with a bottle of wine and a smile.

Both her and her husband both answered the door and welcomed me in. My smile immediately turned into a face of confusion because her husband was openly flirting with me in front of her. I’m not a woman who takes pride in getting the attention of another woman’s man and I didn’t want his awkward advances to cause some rivalry between me and my new friend, but I noticed that she was enjoying and encouraging his advances. So, I just laughed it off and chalked it up to “It’s their thing.”

When I walked in to the living room, there were already two of the couples there. The music was playing, hor d’oevres were being served, and the room was filled with talking and laughter as more couples began to show up. I was really enjoying myself. Everyone was so beautiful and friendly.

At one point, my glass of wine was low, so I decided to go to the kitchen to refill. I know I was a little tipsy at this point and it probably took me a little longer than usual to open the bottle but when I finally did, I took a sip and headed by to the living room with the rest of the party.

To my surprise, the talking and laughter had turned to moans, sounds of sucking and a** slapping. Everything immediately went into slow motion.

Do you remember how in some old movies, when a person was contemplating a choice, an angel would appear on one shoulder and a devil would appear on the other? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

One part of me said “run to the door,” but another part of me said “now you know it’s been a long time and you need some.” As I was contemplating for a split second, my friend had changed into some lingerie and was in the hall summoning me to come to her.

“F*ck it,” I thought, then looked at that glass of wine, gulped it down, put it on the table and headed to her. She led me to their bedroom where her husband was lying on the bed awaiting my arrival. Between the slightly drunken buzz, two mouths and four hands working simultaneously, a new “Unicorn” was born.

Definitions you NOW know……..

Unicorn – a term referring to a single female in the swinging community.

Swinger – a term referring to couples who have sex with other people openly.