3rd Eye Lounge started as a physical botanica in Charleston, SC in 2017. It was an unplanned venture that manifested as a result of my initial interest to be a silent partner…. at least that was my plan. My ancestors had their own.

I’m a nurse by profession who was born into a lineage of midwives, nurses, and spiritualists. My spiritual practice of Rootwork has always been a private part of my life. It’s the backbone of my work in and out of healthcare. Growing up in the South, I knew it as taboo to discuss, yet the practice is always hidden in plain sight. Those who know, know. So, it was never my interest to become public about my sacred practice. I was definitely not interested in operating anything dealing with retail. I’m a nurse, not a sales person. Initially, this business felt like an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, but as I began to teach, give readings and guidance, people began to confirm the reason for my presence. I was completely humbled. I knew my time there was temporary. After a while, my nomadic soul couldn’t take what seemed like a daily monotony. Finally, it was time for me to move to my next phase.

The last three years have been a time for me to return to my love of nursing and also to nurture my own soul through international travels and ceremonies. May 1st will be four years since the opening of 3rd Eye Lounge. It is now time for a resurgence. It is now virtual. It’s time to continue to raise this baby and prepare for the next stage.

What’s coming up? This column, a YouTube channel, and future events. I look forward to serving you all once again.

A little something about me:

Photo credit: Life Through Art

My walk, my accent when I talk, my cooking, my mannerisms all are a result of my gumbo of Southern roots….Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.

My ancestors survived on this continent through a period of time that included one of the worst crimes against humanity… one that many bloodlines did not survive. Yet, I am here. “The blood has already been shed,” they tell me. “You are to step into this power UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!! “We had to hide who we were so that you don’t have to.” Those of us who have the power to heal also have to power to kill. It is a gift and a curse… one that is sought out by many. This knowledge has been instrumental in our survival.

This is NOT a path of self-gratification, but of servitude. One is (re)born into this legacy. Rootwork is not a cute hobby or a fashion statement.



So, come sit down at my table, have a piece of cornbread and some REAL soul food… the kind that nourishes the soul.