Mother’s Day is a special day, because it allows us to take time to focus on the very special ladies in our lives (even though we should celebrate these mother figures year-round). While flowers and chocolates are classic options, maybe you’re looking for something to switch it up this year. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. These activities can be combined to create the ultimate Mother’s Day experience. Be on the look out for more Mother’s Day gift and activity ideas on Bayou Beat as we approach Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Happy Hour

Gather all the moms and mother figures together for happy hour! While bars and restaurants are great options, you could always get creative and serve signature cocktails for each of the mothers. This is a perfect activity for the mothers who want to unwind and let loose.

Mother’s Day Picnic

Picnics can be an amazing way to celebrate the special mother figures in your life. Whether at a park, the beach, or your own backyard, take advantage of the warm weather with your mother’s favorite foods, drinks, and music.

Mother’s Day Craft & Sip

Is your mom a creative? If so, this art-themed activity is perfect for your mother. Spend quality time together through activities such as painting, knitting, collage-making, and other types of crafts. Add some of your mother’s favorite wine and you have the perfect mother-daughter/son date.

Mother’s Day Appreciation Book

This gift is a guaranteed tear-jerker. This will take some research and craftiness. You can gather family photos, drawings, letters, etc to make a compilation of your favorite moments with mom.

Mother’s Day Special Playlist

This is for the music-loving moms. Make a special playlist of songs that express your love and appreciation for the mother-figures in your life. This is a gift that expresses thoughtfulness and intimacy.