President Biden has nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to fulfill his campaign promise of seating a Black woman in Supreme Court.

According to an unnamed source, close with the decision, Jackson received and accepted the offer via a call from President Biden on Thursday. Jackson currently serves on DC’s appellate court, and has been a leading potential nominee since the announcement of Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement.

Jackson was a clerk for Breyer and has and extensive career of defending the public on a federal level in Washington, DC. She was appointed by President Obama to serve on the federal district court in DC before being promoted to the DC Circuit by President Biden.

For President Biden, Jackson is a chance to redeem himself and live up to his campaign promises after less than stellar satisfaction ratings caused by nationwide inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Jackson’s nomination is historic, it does not change the balance of conservatives vs liberal justices. There are currently six conservative justices and three liberal justices, with the retiring Breyer coming from the liberal group.The court is expected to continue its right-wing leaning trend.

Hope now rests in the Senate, where Biden and the Democrats hold the slightest majority. It will be in Biden’s favor that Jackson garners bipartisan support, but it will take the entire Democratic Party in Washington to confirm Jackson.

Jackson comes from an extensive background of public service, sharing that her parents worked in public schools and that her brother served as a police officer and former member of the military.

“I come from a background of public service. My parents were in public service, my brother was a police officer and (was) in the military,” she said at the 2021 confirmation hearing for the appellate court, “and being in the public defenders’ office felt very much like the opportunity to help with my skills and talents.”