We’re entering our second (or third?) year of COVID-19 and by now most of us have turned into full-fledged homebodies. More than ever before, people are realizing how important it is to have a calm, welcoming home environment. Use these five tips to make your living space less cramped and brighter.

  1. Large mirrors
  2. You may not have the largest apartment of home office, but a mirror can give the room-enlarging effect your looking for. The space and light are reflected and gives a more open space feeling.

Fewer, larger furniture and accessories

When you have many pieces of furniture or other room-decorating accessories in a small space, the room will feel cluttered. Using larger furniture with more simple accessories makes a calm, more open environment.


Lighting plays a huge role in the mood of a room. Get rid of the gloominess by throwing out this drapes and replacing them with light or sheer curtains. Have very little natural lighting? Invest in lamps!

Soft neutral color schemes

Cool and neutral toned colors provide a more airy feel to a cramped space. This combined with greenery from plants (even artificial ones) provide the ultimate relaxing environment.

Get started on spring cleaning early

Does your space feel cluttered and chaotic? Having too much stuff, or not enough storage can make a space feel cramped. Clear out the clutter and organize!