Pastor Mike Todd from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been the center of controversy this week after going viral for rubbing his spit, yes spit, all over a congregant’s face. His intended message was “Receiving Vision from God Might Get Nasty”, but all viewers could focus on was the gruesome, extreme, and frankly unnecessary imagery used to get the point across.

The eerily obedient congregant was revealed to be Pastor Todd’s brother, Brentom Todd.

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“I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday when the spit hit the fan,” said Todd in an IG video. “I watched it back and it was disgusting,” he added noting that he was “trying to make the word come alive.” 

“We want people to see Jesus. We want people to feel loved. We want people who are desperate to be able to find hope and I am passionate — so much so that I try to do extreme things to help people get it. And yesterday it crossed the line.”



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Word of advice, if you want to recruit people to see the light of Jesus, make your sermons less repulsive.

If you have the stomach for it, watch the full sermon here.