Six years after leaving the White House, Michelle Obama once again proves why she’s our favorite FLOTUS. Obama is launching a national campaign to get hundreds of thousands people registered to vote.

Obama posted a published letter on Twitter where she announced her partnership with her organization, When We All Vote, to get a massive amount of people registered to vote.

In the letter, Obama reveals that part of the inspiration behind the voting coalition was the Jan. 6th insurrection in 2020.

“One year ago, we witnessed an unprecedented assault on our Capitol and our democracy,” she writes in the letter. “From Georgia and Florida to Iowa and Texas, states passed laws designed to make it harder for Americans to vote. And in other state legislatures across the nation, lawmakers have attempted to do the same.”

Obama shared that at least 100,000 volunteers, including lawyers  “to protect voters in the states where the freedom to vote is threatened,” will join her in the coalition for voting rights.

The coalition will contact state senators and push for the passing of the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.