Stress is an inevitable part of life and this is even more true considering the global pandemic that has turned our worlds upside down. While yoga and meditation are the typical stress-relievers, we understand that not everyone is interested in twisting their bodies into unfathomable shapes only to end up with aching knees and joints. Here are eight stress-reducing hobbies to add to your daily routine.

  1. Journaling

It’s easy to keep all of our emotions, worries, and fears bottled up. Journaling is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and can help you identify your priorities and patterns in your life. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling is a great way to manage anxiety and depression, and reduce stress.


Plants are having a major moment in households all over the country, and for good reason! Gardening can help you feel more grounded while also allowing you to step outside of yourself to care for other living things. According to the Journal of Health Psychology, gardening has been found to be one of the leading stress-reducing activities.


Taking a break from work to take time to listen to your favorite records can do a world of wonders for your mental health. Music has been used for centuries by cultures around the world in the process of healing. According to Harvard Health, listening to your favorite tunes for just 30 minutes a day can lower your blood pressure, slow down your heart rate, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Reading is one of the best ways to cope with feeling overwhelmed. What’s better than escaping from your reality by jumping into a new one? According to the University of Sussex, reading at least six minutes is enough to reduce stress as well as reduce your heart rate.


It seems our grandparents are already attuned to the healing power of knitting. Knitting is much like meditation because of the repetitive movements that help people feel relaxed and grounded according to Psychology Today. Not only is knitting a great stress-reducer, you also leave with a pair of cozy socks!


That’s right folks! Coloring is no longer just for preschoolers! Coloring is similar to meditation in the sense that it gives you a break from your racing thoughts and allows you to focus on what’s in front of you. According to Medical Daily, coloring can help with anxiety and depression.


Relieve stress and my sweet tooth in one go? Sign me up! Just like coloring and knitting, baking can help take your mind off of the stresses in your life by getting you to focus on the task at hand, which is not burning those cookies!


The benefits of dancing go beyond exercise. In a study by the University of London, it was found that out of a modern-dance class, a music class, a math class, and an exercise class, the dance class reduced stress significantly more than the other courses. The reason is caused by the brain’s pleasure response to moving to music and the connections made by dancing with others and watching others dance.