Merriam-Webster has just announced its Word of the Year, and depending on your thoughts on the subject, what it represents is based on your stance on the topic. Is it for health or politics.

So, what is the word of the year? Drumroll please… the word is non-other than…VACCINE!

Obvious choice, right?

Well…the word VACCINE was selected based on lookup data, notable spikes, and year-over-year increases in searches.

Merriam-Webster says “vaccine” was selected because it is a promising medical solution which became a major source of political division, and new research into vaccines led the dictionary to revise and expand its entry for “vaccine” in May.

Runner up words for this year included INSURRECTION and WOKE, again, for obvious reasons.

And last year’s word of the year was …PANDEMIC.

And there you have it…..