As part of a national campaign to get children vaccinated against COVID-19, Dr. Biden visited Texas Children’s Hospital to inform parents of the importance of the vaccine for their children.

Houston is only the second stop on Dr. Biden’s national tour.

“Let’s give a round of applause for all the brave kids here,” Biden said at a pediatric COVID-19 vaccination clinic at TCH.

Dr. Biden proceeded to tell parents that the vaccination can bring a sense of security against the disease.

“I can’t promise you that the dangers of the world will become any less frightening. I mean, just wait until your kids start driving. But, with this vaccine we can take away at least one of those big worries,” she said.

The FDA states that the vaccine is over 90% effective in children ages 5-11. The Texas Children’s Hospital has vaccinated nearly 15,000 eligible children since November 3rd and administered almost 240 kids on Sunday.

According to local healthcare workers, the rapidly growing demand for the children’s COVID-19 vaccine is keeping them busy.

“Hospitals in the area have really scrambled to get appointments for kids,” Infectious disease specialist with Memorial Hermann Linda Yancey said.

“Pediatrician offices are working through the weekends. We are scrambling to meet this demand,” she added.

In Harris County, with children 5 and up added, about 70% of the total county population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. About 60% are fully vaccinated.

Yancey said that the goal is to bring down the alarming rates of pediatric death caused by COVID-19.

“COVID is in the top 10 killers of children in 2021,” she said.

When asked about what can be expected in the coming months, she said, ”

“We are still trying to figure out if children are going to need a booster. Probably will, but we don’t know for sure yet.”

She said vaccine trials are currently underway to determine just that.

“There’s just so many questions right now,” Yancey said.