Some people believe they’re invincible, and those people foolishly believe their day of reckoning will never come — or the people they “F’ed” over will never get “big enough” to expose them.

Karen Civil just learned the hard way that what’s arrogantly done in the dark will soon come to light.

Before Joyner Lucas was paying homage to Will Smith in his viral video tribute, he was a struggling rapper and soon-to-be father scraping his last money together to invest in Civil, whom he felt was going to help take his career to the next level.

That was not foolish to think, especially when he had the talent and she had the connections, but obviously — for him — it was one hell of a bad business decision because, according to Joyner, Civil took his cash and provided absolutely nothing in return.

Not only did he not get the PR services the renowned social and digital media marketing strategist offered, she allegedly did not return his calls and acted like she was irritated with him when he did get a chance to get her on the phone, according to Joyner.

In the end, Lucas quietly took the “L” because he felt he wasn’t “big enough” to take Civil down at that time, and that he would be blackballed before he ever got started in the industry for speaking out.

Not today — or rather — Saturday night.

Lucas blasted Civil on the social media platform “Clubhouse,” telling all the attendees how she did him dirty.

Civil tried to brush it off as “industry standards” and said she subcontracted others to handle him — which is a damn slap in the face as well — because, as the boss, she should have been ensuring that Lucas was receiving the professionalism that he paid HER company for.

Adding to that, Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee called out Civil live for hiring a hacker to interrupt his website in an effort to remove stories about Civil.

Well, clutch the pearls and call a lawyer, because Civil admitted “yeah I hit this nigga,” in her words to get into Lee’s social media because she felt he was trying to ruin her reputation. However, she said she did not offer him $20,000. Lee says the hacker told him about it after Civil did not pay up.

Lee has since announced that, in light of Civil’s confession, he would be seeking criminal charges be filed.

Lucas and Lee are not the only ones who bashed Civil’s professionalism.

Just last week, Civil lost her defamation lawsuit against comedian and musician Jessica Juste, aka Jessie Woo, in a Los Angeles court. Court records show Civil alleged that Woo defamed her through slander or libel.

In 2020, Woo accused Civil of stealing her podcast idea. Civil currently hosts a podcast called “Girl I Guess.”

She, too, said Civil thought she was untouchable due to her status.

“Often times people go silent in this industry because they cannot afford to defend their factual truth,” Woo posted on social media. “Keep this in mind before you attack the underdog. She thought I wouldn’t defend myself.”

In 2016, Cam’ron spoke out against Civil, accusing her of stealing $60,000 from an affiliate, which ultimately came out of his pocket.

To be fair, Civil is very talented and has been known as a go-getter full of “Black Girl Magic.” The Haitian American gained attention for creating and running, a website where the rapper Lil Wayne published letters to his fans while he was incarcerated at Rikers Island. While she was in college, she also developed fan sites for actor J. D. Williams and The Backstreet Boys. In November 2015, she self-published a self-help book, “Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose.” She’s a highly sought-after emcee and public speaker, participating in various women’s empowerment conferences and panels.

Sooo…….“what say you?” Should Civil be ashamed of her behavior? Will she or can she be trusted again?

Oh, and about Lucas…we can say that “success is the best revenge.” His “Will” video shows that he is hella talented and – even though Civil allegedly did nothing for him — his star was clearly going to shine. Check this out!

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